The Road to Diagnosis: Eyesight and Advocacy

The first time I advocated for Landry, it really didn’t feel like much. It wasn’t a defiant, hands-on-my-hips, dig-my-heels-in sort of moment that I sometimes mentally associate with advocacy. Although, I will say, I’ve had some of those moments since and Pete would tell you that I’m especially good at the hands-on-my-hips part, whether I’mContinue reading “The Road to Diagnosis: Eyesight and Advocacy”

The Road to Diagnosis Pt. 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, Landry’s four month check up was the day the ball started rolling with recognizing and figuring out her developmental concerns. I was thankful then and I am still thankful today that we had a doctor in our corner who trusted my gut instinct as Landry’s mom and mainContinue reading “The Road to Diagnosis Pt. 2”