Giving Tuesday

TOMORROW! Giving Tuesday is tomorrow!

At a time when there are so many worthy and important causes asking for your help, we would be honored and so grateful if you considered the CHAMP1 Research Foundation. We are on the cusp of some very exciting and potentially life-changing developments for our kids. 100% of your donation goes directly to research, which includes but is not limited to: gene therapy, a drug repurposing project (using a well-known drug for a purpose other than that which it was originally intended) , and the hiring of a doctor to work full-time on CHAMP1 at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Unfortunately, funding is the biggest obstacle we face.

Please know that support does not have to be financial. If you are unable to give, know that sharing this post or a social media post and telling people about Landry and other kids whose lives are so greatly-affected by CHAMP1 are just as meaningful shows of support as any monetary contribution.

I have been and continue to be in awe and humbled by the generosity we’ve been shown by our community both near and far. No one ever expects to have their child diagnosed with a rare disease and certainly not one that affects every aspect of life so greatly, but one of the biggest blessings I’ve experienced in all of it has been to witness love and graciousness that surround us. Landry is a lucky little girl, as are we to be her parents, and we are so, so thankful to share this journey with all of you. 💜

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